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Feedback [Dec. 30th, 2006 | 12:00 am]
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Once you have received your orders, you may click "reply" and provide your precious feedback in the following format:

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Thank You! :)


From: caiyouyi
2012-09-17 08:35 am (UTC)

Wonderful Experience

Name/Lj Nick:Cai YouYi

Item: Rainbow Pastel Necklace

Overall Experience: Wonderful

Comments: Bought it for my gf. Quick reply and fast delivery. Price reasonable.

Thank You! :)
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From: (Anonymous)
2012-09-17 04:14 pm (UTC)



I bought the rainbow pastel necklace.
The quality is good and is really easy to match.
Love the #1collection loots.

The delivery is fast as well.
One of the pleasant online shopping.

Hope to see more nice n pretty loots!

Warmest regards,
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[User Picture]From: summurushes
2013-05-06 03:43 am (UTC)


Name/Lj Nick: Cyn / summurushes

Item: Pink Primrose Bracelet

Overall Experience: Positive!

Comments: Fast delivery and great service!

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